Senior Who's Who 2016

Mr. and Miss HHS - JK Davis and Braylah Anderton 
Best Dressed - Ivey Box and Adam Humaideh
Best Personality - Emily Owens and Brandon Badillo
Most Friendly - Amanda Renshaw and Nic Sterling
Classically Country - Caitlin Mattox and Austin Davis 
Class Clowns - Nikki Starnes and Jordan Lowery 
Most School Spirit - Brakala Flanigan and Toby Vaughn
Most Artistic - Jacey Alvis and Jose Daniel 
Most Talented - Savannah Langley and Daniel Leach 
Cutest Couple - Emilee Rainey and Brandon Conde
Most Likely to Succeed - Niyanna Malcom and Chad White
Beauty and Beau - Lindsey Dean and Mark Kubia
Dynamic Duo - Alex Nava and JR Wade
Most Dependable - Angel Mernatti and Juwan Saxton
Most Athletic - Taylor Hollingsworth and Xavier Malcom 
Most Studious - Megan Scott and Peter Prado

Class Motto: "Strangers we were, friends we became, Bulldogs we remain!"
Class Song: "Stressed Out" by Twenty-One Pilots