Clues for Finding the H's

Blue H - 
#1 I see them come; I see them go.  Not one of them is like another.  Don't ask me why; go ask your mother.
#2 Here is a clue for me that's blue: I see you walk by and I see your shoe.
#3 You left me out here and now I'm wet; pick up this thing and get me out.

Pink H - 
#1 The Pink H sits up tall; the Pink H will not fall.  All in all, it is just another brick in the wall.
#2 From where I sit, I have a bird's eye view - the sky, the woods, and something new.
#3 Hither I sat all week and not one soul hath seemed to bother, but I knoweth that at the end, in my south perch, I will heareth the Hanceville Alma Mater.
#4 I am still outside the door "weighting," so use your core power muscles to look for me before I start disintegrating.

Orange H - 
#1 You pass me daily when you travel east or west.  Others don't have this, so we must be the best.
#2 Just like a mother, she tells you what to do.  She keeps her H in a box, just for you. 
#3 If you're in a hurry or in a dash, this H may be gone in a flash.
#4 I hate to be so very blunt, but the H you're looking for is out front.

Red H - Over hill, over dale, as we climb the rocky trail, we see the remnants of hard work.  From high atop looking down, we see what is meant to be found.

Golden H - 
#1 Our circumference is 2 pi and on this perimeter do I lie.
#2 Of what perimeter do I speak? The one that lies NW at 5280 ft.
#3 I'm protected by the rubber from tires, on the edge of a place where children perspire.