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If you are an alumni of Hanceville High School and would like your name, e-mail, address, and senior photo (Optional) posted, please e-mail Steve Almond - or Mark Adams -

The following link has more Hanceville Alumni information and many of you may find some interesting facts and information about Hanceville Alumni on this additional site: (Notice: This alumni site is not maintained by the school or the school district.)

You can also find scanned versions of Hanceville High School Yearbooks by visiting  Thanks to Norman Boone for scanning these yearbooks and pictures.  (Notice: This yearbook site is not maintained by the school or the school district.)


1954 1957 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970
1972 1973 1974 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980
1981 1985 1986 1987 1991 1992 1994 1995
1996 1999 2000 2001 2002 2004 2005 2006

Class of 1954
Bob Perothers  

Class of 1957
Jerry Talley

Class of 1965
Daryl Burnham
Danny Day

Roger David Starnes – or rstarnes@american–
Barbara (Bentley) Wilson 

Class of 1966
Sue Hicks Starnes – or

Class of 1967
Pricilla Williamson  or  

Class of 1968
Harold Brown

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Class of 1969
Keith Absher
Kathy (Hines) Day
David Fine

Danie Nail

Bruce Woodard

Class of 1970
Eddie Burkart 

Class of 1972
Steve Ballard    Home)    Work)
Tim Boles

Class of 1973
Rita (Talley) Guess

Class of 1974
Greg Burden  

Class of 1976
Steve Boles

Sandy Byars

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Class of 1977
Lee Ann (Moon) Gonstad 

Class of 1978
Jimmy Bland

David D. Miller

Dan Raley

Greg Terry or

Class of 1979
Rodney Ballard

Bryan Kreps

Victor Quick

Class of 1980
Valerie Mays Dotson

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Class of 1981
Mary Haynes
Laurie Vincent Knight

Class of 1982
Susan Boyd Sellers 

Class of 1985
Michael Twitty 

Class of 1986
Christie (Nuss) Barnett  

Class of 1987
Teresa (Miller) Wilbanks

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Class of 1991
Tonya Leathers (Watwood) 

Class of 1992
Penny Collins

Mary Leeth-Woods

Class of 1994
Janna (Haynes) Absher

Cindy (Sansing) Barnett

Karen (Lindsey) Blackwood or
Amy (Mcalpine) Brown

Marti (Swann) Kaple

Class of 1995
Sheila McAnnally

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Class of 1996
Jamie (Boren) Morrison

Tammy (Howard) Norris
Stephanie (Morgan) Tucker

Dana (Smith) Lisle 

Class of 1999
Jonathan Stephen Graves
Lacey (White) McGriff

Amanda (Tucker) Rice

Class of 2000
Kevin Schmale 

Class of 2001
Danielle Farmer

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Class of 2002
Michael Reese

Class of 2004
Eric Fields

Class of 2005
Shawn Flinn

Shannon Hamby

Class of 2006
Tyler Calvert

Cory Copeland

Brad Green

Brittany Shelton

Class of 2007
Chris Reese

Bob Perothers

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